Monday, 22nd February 2010

Welcome to the new site. The place to get all things Leon.

Over the last year Lj locked himself away, sometimes for hours at a time, to work ‘stuff’ out! Spending time crafting and grafting, his journey took him from his writing desk to the studio where he set the ball rolling to create an organic and personal soundtrack to his life. With the help of his new found ‘musical family’, Lj discovered that music is a gift and he has a message to share.

Stay involved; news, views and smooze - It’s all here.

I want to pay special tribute to Mr. Matthew Ellis, my web designer, for making all this happen, you have truly captured my creative vision and put it into action, and for that I am sincerely grateful!

Also, thank you to the following for your generous support and amazing creativity towards this site build; Morris & Winrow, WeeksWeeksWeeks, Blink Media and dB Studios.

Thanks guys.



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