Watchet Festival Review

Wednesday, 31st August 2011

An amazing performance at the Somerset festival is sure to get people talking…

The first time the general public heard of Leon Jackson was when he was plucked from relative obscurity in 2007 onto the world stage known as The X Factor. Watched by an average of 12 million people per week in 2007, it was the biggest show on TV. If you wanted to catch a break in the music industry, this was the way to do it. A young 18 year-old lad from a small town in Scotland suddenly performing for stars such as Celine Dion on live television once a week. He was the unlikely winner, but win it he did.

Since winning the show, however, things haven’t been so great for Leon… all that is history though, so all you need to know is that after a small break from the music industry, Leon Jackson is back with an all-new sound, completely independent of any record label, working on a second album with all new material, and sounding better than ever. He hit the Watchet Music Festival stage to a huge applause from one of the biggest audiences at Watchet during the entire weekend.

Having seen Leon perform for over an hour at Watchet, I can safely say that I hope the press’ opinion of Leon changes when they hear his new material, because it’s awesome.  Swapping the jazz and soul genre for a more acoustic sound was a necessary step for Leon, having been “pigeon holed into a sound that wasn’t me“, in his words after the show.

There is something about Leon Jackson that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s not his cool guitar, his Scottish accent or even his beard, its some type of shyness or vulnerability that makes him seem so honest and engaging. Leon Jackson’s music is clean, uncomplicated and happy, so much so that it makes you feel you are lying in a hammock on a tropical island in the sun. Lyrically Leon is brilliant. Musically he is awesome. If you have a chance, check out Leon Jackson’s tour schedule and catch him somewhere! Anywhere!

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