The Queen’s Review

Thursday, 2nd December 2010

Thank you to those of you who braved the ‘Narnia-esque’ conditions, on Tuesday night at the Queen of Hoxton, and showed your support to Leon and the band.

The headliner and the headliner for good reason is the often under-rated Leon Jackson. Who after winning X-Factor the year after the atmospheric entity that is Leona Lewis, Leon seemed to disappear. Well he hasn’t and he’s just as good as ever. The voice is amazing, the stage presence is captivating. You can’t help but listen to him.

The venue was buzzing with background noise most of the night but as soon as Leon started playing the crowd went silent. By the end of his set I was seated right by the stage just enjoying everything about this amazingly talented guy.

He was shy and endearing, when not wanting to get up on stage and give him a hug you just wanted him to look directly at you. At some points it did feel like that. The sing along, a short harmony in the middle of one song was just so much fun and it was like he thanked you directly for singing along. I want to hear more, I have become a big fan and plan on finding out where he plays and go see him again.

Lets not forget the X-Factor posy where there holding their own, FYD, Rikki Loney and of course Mr Leon Jackson. So talent spotters out there and music fans Showcase is where you should be.



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