Lincoln Sessions!

Tuesday, 18th May 2010

After teaching himself piano a coupe of months ago, Leon decides to make his first live piano performance on a track called Lighthouse, by Ernie Halter.

The day started with waffles, as all the best days do. Leon rocked up to dB Studios in Lincoln to capture some live-in-the-studio footage to share with you guys at Showcasing some new acoustic tunes and some well-chosen covers, this is Leon doing what he does best - packing as much emotion and soul into a vocal as any artist singing today.

Lighthouse Video. It’s just like having Leon play in your front room - that is if your front room has two blokes pushing cameras around and a load of instruments and recording gear. Dan Bowater of dB Studios was in charge of pressing record, and making sure every sound was captured beautifully. Rick and Aaron from Blink Media positioned their cameras, and watched the magic unfold. Despite what you might think, no one shouted “action”. Maybe they don’t do that anymore.

“We decided to record a bare-bones, live acoustic session, at the end of a long day of writing.”

Check the video out and let us know what you think…



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