Leon Hits America

Thursday, 13th May 2010

Leon continues to develop his song-writing with a trip across the pond to LA!

This coming week Leon will spend time with independent record label, Rock Ridge Music‘s established artists including Ernie Halter and Tony Lucca…

In particular, Ernie Halter, a Californian who’s soul-infused songs have encouraged Leon to work with the man in person.

“I stumbled across Ernie’s songs by accident, and ever since been admiring his work from afar, this is going to be a unique experience to be working with an artist who shares the same passionate vision as myself”

Leon’s trip also sees an opportunity to make a guest appearance along side Ernie at his gig at the Gypsy Lounge, Orange County.

This is the first opportunity that Leon’s had to play for his growing number of American fans so for any of you who live locally it’ll be great to see you down there.



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