The 2007 X-Factor winner has recently divided his time between, Glasgow, London and LA writing and developing a new acoustic driven sound. Working with producers and song-writers on the LA music scene whilst incorporating a Scottish folk twist, a nod to his roots, has really opened Leon’s eyes to the potential sound he can now craft.

Jackson has won recognition for his warm, evocative vocals and unique charisma. With his distinctive voice and this new sound Leon is embarking on something fresh, this time it’s original, acoustic and full of honest soul.

Crafting songs that uncover the last few years’ life, love and dreams Leon hopes to make music that ‘speaks’ to people. Selling out his recent ‘Live and Acoustic’ tour confirms that his fans and the music public are loving his latest offerings.

“I’ve needed time to consolidate and make sense of everything I’ve experienced. I needed to fall in love with music again, this process has been slow and wrenching at times but I’m now feeling liberated and fulfilled for the first time with my work. Music is a conversation between the singer and the listener, and to that end the fans are the foundation of everything I do.”

Leon is an avid supporter of Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) - a Scottish charity established to provide hospice services in Scotland for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. “As far as team Leon is concerned music is about life not the other way round. It’s a privilege to be able use your gifting to bring joy to people, travelling and paying the bills is a bonus.”

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